“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let
what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”
– Edward Everett Hale

Do you find yourself wondering what your lab could do on a daily basis to reduce your impact? Welcome, friend and colleague - you've come to the right place! 

First, let's briefly go over the process of what becoming Green Lab Certified at MIT actually entails. Don't worry, its not painful - it's actually pretty fun, and is always a very informative process! Below is a brief overview chart of the three steps involved in being completely and full certified as GREEN here at MIT...

certifcation schematic.JPG

Sound good? Great! Fill out the form below and you'll be on the way to certification! 

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Join the ever-growing list of labs who have become Green Lab certified!


Wang, Evelyn MechE

Summons, Roger EAPS

Brushett, Fikile ChemE

Prather, Kristala ChemE

Alm, Eric Bio Engineering

Bio-Kitchen Bio

Schuh, Christopher DMSE

Jensen, Klavs ChemE

Olsen, Bradley ChemE

Hamel, Jean-Francois ChemE

Imperiali, Barbara Bio

Langer, Bob Koch

Kim, Dennis Bio

Smith, Zachary ChemE

Buonassisi, Tonio MechE

Trout/Myerson ChemE

Kolle, Mattias MechE

Collins, James IMES

Olsen, Bradley ChemE

Strano, David ChemE

Shao-Horn, Yang MechE

Jensen, Klaus ChemE

Hatton, T Alan ChemE

Olivetti, Elsa DMSE

Gleason, Karen ChemE

Edelman, Elazer IMES

Leibermann, Tami IMES

Ortony, Julia DMSE

Kamm, Michael BioE

Bryson, Brian DMSE

Grossman, Jeff DMSE


Horvitz, Robert Bio

Holten-Andersen, Niels DMSE

Connor, Aurora Koch

Polz, Martin Civil & Environmental Engineering

Niles, Jacquin Bio Engineering

Comin, Riccardo Physics

Manthiram, Karthish ChemE

Ono, Shuhei EAPS

McGee, David EAPS

Tisdale, Alison ChemE

Green, Bill ChemE

Rutledge, William ChemE

Stephanopoulos, Gregory ChemE

Sikes, Hadley ChemE

Dagdeviren, Canan Media Labs

Bazant, Martin ChemE

Blankschtein, Daniel ChemE

Hammond, Paula ChemE

Roman, Yuriy ChemE