The American Chemical Society (ACS) loosely defines the idea that "sustainable and green chemistry, in very simple terms, is just a different way of thinking about how chemistry and chemical engineering can be done."

As the future of research progresses, so does our impact on the planet. However, what is also progressing is our understanding of the ways in which we can reduce the use of hazardous or toxic materials when performing chemically based experiments. 

Green chemistry tools

Millipore-Sigma launches “Dozn”

This is an interactive “Greener Alternatives Evaluation Matrix” - use it to quantify the impact your synthesis may be having on the environment, and to explore ways to make your science greener!

At MIT, a group of chemistry students collaborated with EHS to create an interactive tool which helps researchers to find a less harmful alternative to their chemicals, if it exists. 

Click here to explore, and see if your lab could be easily replacing your chemicals!



Does your lab use a consistent and large amount of solvents? EMD Millipore runs the EMD ReCycler™ program as a way to “increase your efficiency while decreasing waste.” Find more information HERE.