Faucet Aerators

Faucet aerators are a simple addition to your lab that can greatly impact the amount of water you are using over time. They reduce flow by adding air to the water exiting your faucet as it flows through a screen and is divided into many small streams. This allows for the feeling of high pressure with less actual water consumption.

There are few options to consider when choosing the right aerator:

    • 2.2 gpm – “Standard” flow rate.
    • 1.5 gpm – “Water-saving” flow rate.
    • 1.0 gpm – Maximum water saver. Best for use with a combination of flow and volume-based tasks.
    • 0.5 gpm – Ultimate water saver. Best for use with flow-based tasks (such as washing).

An aerator is not recommend if you mostly engage in volume-based tasks (such as filling containers). Adding an aerator will only lengthen the time you spend completing these tasks and will not save any water.

    • Male connection – Required if your faucet is female threaded (interior threading).
    • Female connection – Required if your faucet is male threaded (exterior threading).
    • Swivel – Allows water to be directed in many directions 
    • Stationary – Not intended to move; allows water to be directed one way

McMaster-Carr is the preferred MIT vendor. Visit their site to find the size and flow rate that suits your needs.