Do you have a chemical fume hood in your lab space that gets very little to no use by your current lab members? Many people don’t realize that these fume hoods consume more energy per year than an entire home! Using them correctly can mitigate the wasted energy, but a better solution for an unused hood is to place it in a temporary state of hibernation - this can save over 30,000 lbs of CO2 per hood!


  • Facilities and EHS will analyze your hood, your building and your laboratory space to determine the changes
    that would need to be made in your ventilation system.

  • Once we have permission from the PI, the changes to your lab’s air system will be implemented.

  • GreenLabs and EHS will provide you with clear signage for your hood, informing your lab of the changes

  • The hood will remain in hibernation mode indefinitely, until the group decides to ‘awaken’ it.

Hibernating a hood costs absolutely nothing to the lab group, and is 100% reversible at any time!

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