Ever wondered whether someone at MIT has that plasmid you need? Ever wondered whether someone here knows about a His-Tag antibody that actually works specifically?
Ever wondered whether someone in this building has that SW41 rotor you need for a set of pilot experiments, as your PI does not want to shell out the $10000 right away?
If the answer to things of this sort is yes, you are not alone. We have thought about this issue and are  starting a new email list where you can post requests to share knowledge, reagents or equipment and (possibly) get quick answers.  If you would like to post to and receive messages from this list, follow the easy instructions below!

The simple rules:
The list is subscription-only; anybody with an interest in biology at MIT can subscribe. To signup, visit
The list will be archived on the web so that you can read past postings and answers. Please use the list to post simple requests for reagents, know-how, equipment or anything else related. If you have equipment to give away, this list is a good place for that as well. Summarizing your request in the subject line may increase your chances of a favorable reply. If you think this new list might be useful for you or your lab, sign up today and make frequent use of it!