Glove Recycling Resources

We are excited to pilot the Nitrile & Latex Glove Recycling Program with the Green Lab Contest participants. Below are some resources and steps to follow if you'd like to recycle your uncontaminated (clean) gloves.

  1. Review the glove recycling guidance document that was put together by our friends in Chemical Engineering and reviewed by members of the MIT EHS Office. This is particularly key for those working in BL rated labs.
  2. Review and print a label for your glove recycling container. This can be placed on a container of your choosing for glove collection within your lab.
  3. When full, please contact either Brian Smith ( or Niamh Kelly ( directly for collection during this pilot phase.

Be sure to educate your lab mates and visitors on the process to follow and don't forget to add this initiative to your overall assessment in the fall.