We've all known since childhood that sharing is caring - so why don't we do more of it in academia? There is a huge amount of overlap not only in our ideas, our research, our protocols and our goals - but also in the day to day objects and reagents that we use to make that research happen.


Chances are that you have a water bath... a fraction collector... a rotovap... the list goes on…. that has been sitting in your lab collecting dust for years, if not decades. Not only could your fellow MIT researchers potentially use this equipment, but labs around the country and across the world can benefit from your surplus as well!

Make use of the reuse@mit.edu listserve to send out extra supplies, equipment, etc that your lab has on hand - click here for a list of restrictions and guidelines for using this email.

A non-profit organization which strives to get the right stuff to the right scientists - as they point out, "talent is everywhere - resources are not." Contact Jen for more information about giving your surplus research materials to a lab that would really appreciate it.

MIT is in the process of finding a new, easy to use and sophisticated resource sharing platform. We hope that in the near future, we’ll have a process that makes it simple and straightforward to share your ‘trash’ with another lab that may ‘treasure’ it!

In addition, we plan to soon host the first lab-specific FreeCycle here at MIT - a yard sale of sorts, where labs get a chance to not only do some much needed spring cleaning, but pick up useful stuff for free while they’re at it! Stay tuned for more details, and contact Jen if you have questions or ideas or want to be more directly involved.