Our Mission...

Laboratories consume over four times the energy of a typical office space, use significantly more water, and we create waste streams that are as varied as they are specific. In addition to pursuing cutting edge scientific research and forging new discoveries, it is our duty as scientists to act as knowledgeable and vigilant stewards of the environment we live in. The first step in this process is to educate ourselves in the ways that our work creates waste and uses energy.

...should you choose to accept it

"I'm only a grad student!"
"We're one of thousands of labs - what impact can we make?"

Are these thoughts in the back of your mind? Banish them! Your thoughts, your actions, they not only count but are integral! Every mountain is made of just billions of grains of sand, isn’t it? (Course 12, let that one slide please). 

There are working groups to join, certifications to be achieved, new projects to get involved with, and ideas to push forward! Not only can you make easy yet impactful changes in your day to day operations in lab, but we want to hear your specific thoughts and far-fetched dreams about the new technologies or applications that we could apply right here at MIT.

 “As we work to pioneer technologies and policies to help society combat climate change, we feel a keen responsibility to improve the sustainability of our campus and to use it as a test bed for faculty, student and staff ideas.”

President Reif in MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change